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About Chris - A boy, his travels, and a real estate success story—with a technology twist!

In the world of real estate you will find Realtors. Some are good, some aren't so hot. But, every once in a while, you stumble onto someone exceptional.

Chris Parrish - Head Realtor for Real Idaho

Originally from the Midwestern US, Chris grew up where strong family values, and work ethic are commonplace. People were friendly, the economy good, low crime.

It's the kind of place you just might live your whole life—until you find Idaho, that is!

And that is exactly what happened.

The Journey West

In an event that he still considers a fluke, Chris took a summer position working in the Boise area. And that was all it took — he was hooked.

So, even though it meant leaving their family behind, Chris and his wife set out for Idaho and have never looked back.

Chris and family snowshoeing near Idaho City

Idaho is filled with a common­sense, good-as-your-word attitude found in much of the Western United States. Its wide open spaces, breathtaking scenery, and wonderful people captured my heart.

Every weekend I was mountain biking, backpacking, camping, or rafting somewhere. And there were so many great things to do in town too. No matter who I met, I was instantly made welcome.

I suddenly knew where home really was. And it is where my wife and I decided to raise our family.

From the minute you meet Chris, there is no doubt in your mind where his heart is. He loves his great State—you'd swear he was a local.

An Engineer? Can You Do That?

Believe it or not, what brought Chris to Boise was an engineering job. As both an employee and manager, this Realtor was once an expert in hardware/software systems (now if that don't beat all).

Today, I tell people I'm a recovering engineer (laughs). The biggest question I get is why real estate? The truth is, I've always been people focused and wanted to be in business for myself.

Then along comes real estate and I notice some interesting things. There are a lot of great people in this business but so many of them are purely sales types with no attention to the details.

Most agents have no idea how to analyze the market, how to set up a marketing strategy, or how to solve the problems that arise in a common transaction. I just saw so much room for someone with a passion for excellence.

As it turns out this unique set of talents—his problem solving and analytical skills combined with genuine interest in people and ability to read situations—set him apart from all other real estate agents.

This is something he truly loves—and it shows.