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Boise Area Weather - Learn all about the Climate in the Treasure Valley

Most folks know very little about Boise, Idaho. So, it’s no surprise that people have misconceptions (or just plain don’t know what to expect) when it comes to Boise’s weather.

The Boise Area actually recieves very little snow.

Let’s start by resolving a common misconception — Boise receives very little snow.

If this surprises you, or you’re just hoping to find out more about the climate in the Treasure Valley, read on!

Four Seasons

We experience all 4 seasons here. So, if you like fall colors, or warm sunny days or colder weather, you can have them all. The region doesn’t get too cold in the winter and the summers, though sometimes hot, are tempered by the dry climate, cool nights and pleasant breeze. The high desert climate also means clear skies and sunny days!

High Desert

Like most of the Intermountain West, Boise is very dry. This is why there is so much sunshine and also why there is so little rain or snow. Of course, if you are seeking snow, the drive into the mountains is a short one.

Water Supply

While everything here is so green (Boise is known as the City of Trees) — it’s not due to the rain. We receive only about 12 inches of precipitation yearly.

Instead, the Treasure Valley gets its water from the rivers. It is the snow and rain that the nearby mountains receive that gives us our abundant water supply. This also means plenty of winter snow activities in the surrounding mountains.

More Weather Info

Wondering what the winters or summers are like around Boise? Looking for stats on average temperature or snowfall? Here are some other resources we've put together: