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Summer Weather - Summertime Climate in the Greater Boise Area

Boise summers are known for their long days, and clear skies. Count on a steady breeze through the valley and cool nights to keep things from getting too hot. Summer is another great excuse for Bosieans to spend time outdoors.


In general, daytime temperatures peak in the low-to-mid 90’s. Clear skies during the day cause the temperatures to steadily climb all day long and the nighttime temperatures to drop. This makes for days in the high 90’s that cool off into the 50’s by morning. The warmest part of the day is around 4 - 6 pm.

The hottest days come near the end of July or beginning of August where temperatures can hover near 100°F for up to two weeks. Those visiting us from more humid parts of the country usually say that it does not feel as hot, though, due to the dryness and steady breeze.


Summer is the driest of all the seasons. If the weather has been hot for several days, however, it can bring in rainstorms. These typically bring very little rain but do cool things off. In fact, if you are caught in many of our summer rainstorms you won't get wet - the raindrops can evaporate as fast as they fall.


Typically there is a steady breeze year round through the Treasure Valley. During a storm, temperatures can drop and winds can really get gusty. Wind storms often lead to downed tree branches and, in sandier areas, light dust storms.


It never fails that newcomers are amazed by how late it stays light in the summer - it can still be twilight at 10:30 at night! The latitude causes days to reach 15 1/2 hours long between sunrise and sunset in late June and early July. The Mountain Time Zone shifts the sunrise to 6:00 AM and the sunset to 9:30 PM so the days seem longer.

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